AT&T Pioneers Disaster Relief Opportunities 2017

Michigan – DR 4326

AT&T Pioneers Disaster Relief Fund is open for certain counties affected by the Severe Storms! If you live in one of these designated-areas as result of the event (storms) and need assistance, consider applying for the AT&T Pioneers Disaster Relief Fund. This fund can provide emergency financial assistance to qualified AT&T employees and retires in designated areas. Deadline to apply for assistance is October 9th, 2017. To learn more about the FEMA declared event or to check if additional counties have been added click here: Michigan Storms DR – 4326. Here is the AT&T Pioneers Disaster Relief Fund Link.


Applications are available for the AT&T Pioneers Disaster Relief Fund via the AT&T Pioneers website.  Those filling out the form need to sign it and either efax or email it over to the appropriate location.

Click here for the fund’s criterion.  Applicants, please review this document before completing the application.

AT&T Pioneers Disaster Relief Fund – Q2 Update (06/10/14) Every year Mother Nature presents challenges to our families, friends, co-workers, and fellow Pioneers in the form of natural disasters. Through mid-year of this year, this trend has continued and many of AT&T’s Pioneers and employees have found themselves in need of support. Thanks to the continued financial support you give, the AT&T Pioneers Disaster Relief Fund has been able to financially support those in need. As of June 10, 2014 the fund has: • Supported 5 FEMA declared relief efforts

•5 States

• 28 Counties

• Approximately $10,700 disbursed to applicants

The Disaster Relief committee has worked hard in 2013 and 2014 to improve its ability to get the much needed funds in the hands of those in need. In 2012, the average time for applicants to obtain their financial support from the fund was about 2 months. Through the efforts of the committee and other Pioneers that have assisted in the application “cycle time” improvement effort, 2014 has seen the time cut in half. This is a GREAT success story for both those applicants in need of support as well as those overseeing the fund! Remember, it is your financial support that keeps the Disaster Relief Fund available. Take a few minutes and either as an individual, Chapter, Council, or Club please make a donation. As history has shown us there will always be a need to support those affected by a disaster.

To help your fellow employees and retirees through these difficult times, click here to donate to the AT&T Pioneers Disaster Relief Fund. Select the top right “Donate Now” button, select “Credit Card” using the drop down menu; go to Designations and using the drop down menu select “Campaign, Project, or Program”; a text box will appear; type “AT&T Pioneers Disaster Relief Fund.” Or you may send a check payable to: AT&T Pioneers Disaster Relief Fund 1801 California St Suite 225, Denver, CO 80202

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