Madison Wisconsin Public Television Fund Drive – March 18, 2017

Pictured from left to right: Vicki Scott, Karen Schilling, Barb Schroeder

2017-03-18 Madison Wisconin Public Television Fund Drive

Madison Veterans Hospital – Ice Cream Social – February 20, 2017

Volunteers help to make ice cream sundaes for the VA hospital patients and visitors.

Volunteers are: Manny & Marnette Voeltz, Joe and Carol Hodgson, Jerry & Hazel Zimbric, Marv Urban, Jim Northrop, Dennis Derke, Doug Neumann, Dave & Debra Stowe, & Jody Pulvermacher.

2017-02-20 Madison Veterans Hospital Ice Cream Social 4
2017-02-20 Madison Veterans Hospital Ice Cream Social 3
2017-02-20 Madison Veterans Hospital Ice Cream Social 2
2017-02-20 Madison Veterans Hospital Ice Cream Social 1

Warm Smiles for Kids Project

The Milwaukee and Pewaukee Pioneer collection of winter clothing collected as part of the Warm Smiles for Kids project.

• 285 hats
• 103 pairs of socks
• 30 pairs of gloves
• 93 scarves
• 21 coats
• 1 pair new shoes
• 1 shirt

2017-01-05 Warm Smiles for Kids Photo 3
2017-01-05 Warm Smiles for Kids Photo 2
2017-01-05 Warm Smiles for Kids Photo 1

Open House for Talking Books – Recently moved from Riverwood to Sunset office in Brookfield – December 22, 2016

The Telephone Pioneers of America signed an agreement in 1960 with the National Library Service (NLS) to repair/recondition all phonographs, and talking book cassettes nationwide (including Canada). This service is provided free of charge. The US Postal Service came on board with the NLS to provide free mailing for repair. The Wisconsin Pioneers have been involved since 1962 (54 years).

Lyal Lauersdorf and Jim Seaton went around the state and taught Pioneers how to repair the C1 cassette machines. Up until a few years ago, there were repair shops in Superior, Green Bay, Fond du Lac, Eau Claire, Madison, Janesville and Milwaukee. Now there are repair shops only in Milwaukee and Green Bay repairing mainly the digital machine. Gloria Van Aacken (Wisconsin Pioneer Chapter President) has been the chapter chair since 2001 and region chairman for about 8 years. She is also a member of RTAG (Reading Technology Advisory Group) for NLS along with 4 other pioneer members across the country. Gloria is the only AT&T member.

Number of Talking Books repaired from 2015 to 2016
• Digital Machines – 291
• Cassette Machines – 128

Pictured from left to right: Joe Hodgson, Janelle Frisby, Lyal Lauersdorf, Dick Krueger, Ray Eisemann, Ardi Orysen, Bob Jahncke, Harold Dobbratz, Dennis Eick, Debbie Hingiss, Tom Paasch, Howard Washechek (seated).

2016-12-22 Talking books for newsletter and photo release

Oconomowoc Public Library DOPP Memorial Fund Presentation – June 9, 2016

Pictured from left to right: Gloria Van Aacken, Alexa Fryjoff (both Pioneers) and Betsy Bleck – Oconomowoc Public Library Director

Pictured from left to right: Judy Arndt, Gloria Van Aacken, Alexa Fryjoff (Pioneers), Betsy Bleck – Oconomowoc Public Library Director, Lou Stahlberg, Hollie Schick (Pioneers)

2016-12-08 Oconomowoc Public Library Presentation of Dopp Memorial Grant
2016-12-08 Oconomowoc Public Library Presentation of Dopp Memorial Grant 2

Rebuild Camden Accessible/Integrated Playground in Janesville

Pictured from left to right: Joe Hodgson, Mike Enright, Jim Northrop, Mike Tiffany, Cheryl Enright, Jim Jermain, Gary Borcherding, Josh Berg, Berry Jones (Organizer) and Jim Nettesheim. Not pictured are: Jean Zunon, Mike Plankey, Joe Runde and Ed St. Clair. Mike Enright, Project Chairperson said he thought the only ones to show up would be he and his wife Cheryl Enright—instead this is the crew that showed their true Pioneering spirit!


Greendale American Legion Post 416 – Homeless Mats and Check Presentation

On Thursday, September 15, 2016 Alexa Fryjoff and Gloria Van Aacken went to present $1,000.00 check and homeless mats to VFW America Legion Greendale Post 416.

This request supports the American Legion Greendale Post 416 in raising funds to build a Veterans Memorial in the community of Historic Greendale. The memorial panels will represent the 6 branches of the military and an informational interactive Kiosk to include donors and acknowledge Greendale’s past, present and future Armed Forces members for their service to our nation.

The $1,000.00 grant would be used for overall Memorial needs and in developing a Kiosk. The Auxiliary Woman of the Post have partnered and continue to partner with the ATT Pioneers in the support of the Sleeping Mats for the Homeless. Their hours through June are reflected in the 399.5 hours reported.

Pictured from left to right: Kenneth Kieck, Kathleen Baranzyk, Tim Baranzyk, Alexa Fryjoff, Gloria Van Aacken

Pictured from left to right: Tim Baranzyk, Kathleen Baranzyk, Alexa Fryjoff, and Gloria Van Aacken


Donated Backpacks – Kenosha Schools

Dan St. Onge and his son Joseph joined with other volunteers to deliver back packs filled with school supplies to Mahone Middle School Friday morning. The joint effort by AT&T Pioneers, VFW Post 7308 and Navy Club Ship 40 provided 385 back packs for Mahone, Washington Middle School, Jefferson Elementary School and Bullen Middle School.


Chavez Elementary School (Madison) – Playground Map

On August 16th, twenty-one Pioneers painted a 20X30 foot map of the United States on the playground at Chavez Elementary School in Madison. The HW Schroeder Life Member Club was responsible for planning and painting.


Gilbert Brown Football Camp

Pictured from left to right:

Front row – Holly Lambert, Julie Howard and Kimberly Marshall
Middle row – Melissa Herman, Gailyn Hudson, John Garrity, Gary Grabowski, Mike Sieracki and Tom Kiefer
Back row – Gene Ferry, Steve Piette, Gilbert Brown, De’ Angelo Barnes and Mike Endres

Gary Grabowski is from the Hi-Cap team and the rest are from the Midwest Customer Work Order and Structure Access centers located in Waukesha.


Gilbert Brown Football Camp – Journal/Sentinal Article

JSOnline: The Gilbert Brown Foundation and the AT&T Wisconsin Pioneers teamed up to hold a free football camp for Milwaukee youth at North Division High School.

JSOnline Photos

Wisconsin Public Television Auction – Madison

Barb Schroeder and Connie Ophime

Jody Pulvermacher and Barb Schroeder


Judy Anderson and Karen Schilling

Pictured from left to right: Karen Schilling, Dorothy Ewing, Connie Ophime, Lynn Montgomery, Judy Anderson, Jody Pulvermacher, and Barb Schroeder


Build All-Accessible Playground – Malone Park – New Berlin

Steele and Karen Schilling


Channel 10/36 Auction – Milwaukee

Michell Wertschnig, Diane Esser and Mary Malone


Badger Honor Flight Donation

The Pioneer  Charitable Foundation Fund presented a check to Brian Ziegler – Chairman of Badger Honor Flight. This money will help offset the expenses incurred by our veterans that go on our flights to Washington D.C. We have four fights per year and have been taking veterans to D.C. since 2009 and have taken over 2100 veterans so far. We started with the World War II veterans then on to the Korean veterans and have now begun accepting Viet Nam veteran applications.


Wisconsin Public Television Membership Drive – Madison

Pictured from left to right: Vicki Scott, Dorothy Ewing, Lynn Montgomery, Marcia Meyers, Barb Schroeder and Jody Pulvermacher


St. John the Evangelist Church – Community Crafting Event – Homeless Mats

Crocheting demonstration and cutting and looping demonstration.