It Can Wait — AT&T Pioneers will join the movement in obtaining “It can wait” pledges as well as getting the word out in local schools.  Leveraging our volunteer membership size, we have been asked by AT&T to gain pledges through a dedicated AT&T Pioneer URL as well as distribute decals and use the materials online.  To make a No Text on Board Pledge, click the link or the image to the right.


Power Up to Read — Pioneers have created web-based educational books to engage 4th and 5th graders in reading and technology.  We take time to read with the students and ask questions to encourage critical thinking.



Disaster Relief – Kentucky Pioneers raise thousands of dollars annually and collect relief items to go to aid employees and retirees devastated by natural disasters.  The East Council recently collected items for this effort, which are pictured here.



Aspire – Mobilize and Mentor!Aspire Mentoring Academy is the key community engagement program of AT&T’s $350M investment in Aspire.  AT&T employees are engaging in their communities and providing 1 million hours of mentoring to students at risk of dropping out of high school.


  • Anyone can be a Mentor
  • Options to Match Interests and Skills
  • Volunteer a Little or A Lot

1. Aspire Job Mentoring (Careers) – Building on AT&T’s Job Shadow program, employees share life experiences and career advice through project-based activities during the workday.

2. Aspire Skills Mentoring (Skills) – Employees share academic and career skills through self-planned or organized activities in schools and in the community.

3.  Aspire e-Mentoring (Knowledge) – Utilizing technology, employees in a San Francisco pilot program share math and academic knowledge through online mentoring.


Park Clean Up — Kentucky Pioneers contribute to the environment by designating a day to pickup debris and beautify local parks or school grounds.


Project:Connect – Four educational web-based games give students the opportunity to learn basic concepts of the telecommunications industry while having fun.   Kentucky Pioneers are the on-site “gurus” providing help so that students can better understand.


Employee/Volunteer Appreciation Day —  Fellowship and fun are important to Pioneers.  Each Council plans an annual picnic, amusement park or sporting event to show appreciation to volunteers and employees.


Eagle Scout Project — Pioneers donated money for the purchase and placement of a flagpole for the City of Graymoor – Devondale in Louisville by members of a local Eagle Scout Troop.



Outdoor Classroom – Kentucky Pioneers partner with local schools to plan, develop and construct an environmental learning lab.  Outdoor learning is ideally suited to the curiosity and exuberance of young people and often provides strong motivation and development skills.



No Child Left Offline – Partnering with Connect Kentucky, the Pioneers fund and distribute PCs to under-privileged middle school students throughout the state and then train and mentor the students.



Tribute to the Troops — While thousands of men and women are serving in the Armed Forces, we on the home front can make a difference. We support troops overseas by assisting with fundraising
events, writing support letters, and assisting with supply collections.



Fundraising – The AT&T Pioneers are a 501(c)3 nonprofit and therefore depend on raising money to fund our projects and programs.  Some of the fundraising events held annually are picnics, vendor sales and raffles.


Hug-a-Bears  — Kentucky Pioneers sew and create stuffed cloth bears given to children faced with a difficult situation.  The bears are given to appropriate agencies (Abuse Centers, Police, Fire Departments) for distribution as needed.


Heart Pillows — Kentucky Pioneers sew pillows in the shape of hearts given to patients recovering from heart surgery.  They are able to hug the pillow to their chest at a time when coughing can be
very painful.


Birdhouse and Camera — Kentucky Pioneers installed a birdhouse and camera back in 2010 for the Louisville Metro Parks.  The bird cam CLIP1, CLIP2, CLIP3, CLIP4 & CLIP5) Hs generating a LOT of attention.  Per Sherry Wright,Volunteer Coordinator, Louisville Metro Parks Natural Areas Division:

“It’s adorable to watch the little ones pull up a tiny chair and just watch.  Sometimes they don’t want to go back outside.  I post about it frequently on Facebook – check it out!”


East Council Project with St Marks Playground — This was a donation from Pioneers to St Marks to build the playground, and then a few pioneers went out to help in the installation.  

David T. McFaddin, Regional Director, AT&T Kentucky External and Legislative Affairs



Uspiritus Child and Family Services Campus — Uspiritus is Kentucky’s largest and most comprehensive care agency for at-risk and foster children and their families.  Our volunteers wanted to help in creating an alternative safe place for kids to grow and become independent adults.

Jason Bradley, Project Leader, NP&E-Implementation Eng. & Common Systems