2015 Calendar of Events

February 13-15- AT&T National Leadership Conference, Orlando, FL

March 6- MO Cahpter Meeting, Tan-Tar-A Resort

Friday March 27th- Harry S Truman Annual Shrimp Dinner - 5:00pm-7:00pm at Our Lady of Lourdes. Located off Greggory and Blue Ridge. Cost $15.00.
Send Checks made out to ATT PIONEERS to: Sherry Hodges 500 SW Brielle LN Lees Summit, MO 64082.
 For reservastions or additional information please contact Sherry Hodges (913) 645-0111.

April 12-18National Volunteer Week

April 19- 1st Quarter Volunteer Hours Due

July 17-18- AT&T Pioneers All Employee Event

July 19- 2nd Quarter Volunteer Hours Due

August 1- November 15- Member ship drive contest

September 11- 9/11 Day of Service and Remeberance

October 18- 3rd Quarter Volunteer Hours Due

October 24- Make a Deffernce DAY

November 21- Family Volunteer Day


Lewis & Clark Council Meetings:

Febuary 19– 500 E. 8th Street

April 9– Location yet to be determined

June 11- Location yet to be determined

Auguast 13- Location yet to be determined

October 8– Location yet to be determined

December 10-Location yet to be determined