Food for Friends – 530 Fullerton

On November 8, 2014 approximately twelve excited chef’s came together to create a meal for the Lincoln Park homeless community. The AT&T Pioneers Illinois Chapter and friends joined forces to feed our awaiting guests at the Church Of Our Savior Lincoln Park’s Episcopal Parish. The 530 Fullerton Foundation was established during the Chicago Democratic National Convention in 1968. Their Food for Friends (FFF) program is now over 40 years old. The program began as a single weekly meal provided from food given by a nearby restaurant, and it has grown to three hot meals (Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays). During the summer months the foundation provides bagged lunches.

Remember the old adage, too many chef’s in the kitchen! Well, I learned coming together to do something good can change this view. It was amazing that everyone was able to have fun while working together to serve a greater good. The group of volunteers included Illinois District 12 Representative Susan Feigenholtz, Eileen Mitchell, and Sylvia Aldrete from AT&T External Affairs. Additionally we had a group of AT&T Pioneers from the AT&T Flagship Store join in the culinary event (Charles DiGiacomo, Tristan Stanford, Paula Baker, Marlene Saba, and Graham Hoell). We also enlisted some eager and loyal friends to make the event special. We all quickly claimed our signature dish. The meal we prepared consisted of oven roasted ham, cornbread, house salad, macaroni and cheese, a signature appetizer, and red velvet cake. Sylvia and Eileen made the experience even more special by graciously serving our guests at their tables. Our volunteer all agreed that the best part of day was the thanks we received, and compliments from our gracious guest. The men and women were extremely thankful for a warm meal. Many thanks to the 530 Fullerton Foundation for allowing us to share our time, friendship, conversation, and giving with the greater Chicago community.

Graham Hoell and Eileen Mitchell bake desert for our guests


Cooking our signature pineapple marinated ham for lunch

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